With our new platform Cryphos currently in development, we will be bringing you a best-in-class educational platform that promotes the new technologies emerging in the cryptocurrency space and their potential to transform our lives. Using gamification and a unique reward system to keep you addicted to Cryphos, our aim is to become the leading cryptocurrency gateway and significantly accelerate mainstream adoption.

Cryphos is now trading on Coinexchange

Tradeable against BTC and ETH

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Total Supply

24.3M XCPS

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An unique idea to help investors make better informed choices in the swarm of cryptocurrency projects

Our white paper identifies the issue investors face today and the Cryphos team will aim to provide a solution for this.

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Open for everyone

The Cryphos platform will be open for everyone to use - both the consumers as well as the project providers.

Saves time

Our algorithm will ensure only the best projects are displayed through the use of user voting features.

Cost-saving marketing

Marketing your cryptocurrency project with Cryphos will be a cheap and effective way spread awareness.